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Border in Crisis: Refugees Crowd Border While Biden Limits Border Patrol Resources

Tensions grow at the Southern border while the Biden administration’s lax response to the thousands of refugees frustrates Americans.

New Polls: Latinos Continue to Say “No” to Democrat Party

Latino voters are not as enthused by the direction the Democrat is heading, and recent election data shows the growing divide.

Mandatory Vasectomy For Men? Pennsylvania Democrat Proposes New Legislation

Rep. Chris Rabb from Pennsylvania introduced the polarizing legislation in response to the new abortion decisions in Texas.

Democrats Offer Temporary Solution as GOP Blocks Spending Bill

Congressional Democrats are running awry after Republicans blocked a $3.5 trillion spending bill that would also kick the debt ceiling into 2022, running the...

Heavy Taxes on Retirement Funds Pushed by Dems

Some House Democrats are attempting to hamstring Individual Retirement Accounts with new taxes and regulations. Among the numerous complicated new provisions, they would limit...