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40 Days Out: Mail In Ballots from Military Overseas Found in Trash, All Voted...

An investigation is underway in Pennsylvania into ballots found in the trash belonging to American military personnel serving overseas. Most states are yet to mail...

Democrat Rep. Introduces Legislation to Stop “Ballot Harvesting” That Enables to Voter Fraud

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) has introduced bipartisan legislation in an effort to stop the troubling practice of "ballot harvesting". Ballot harvesting happens when a voter...

FAILURE: Congressman Rouda Sends Profanity-Laced Tweet After Running on Bipartisanship

Congressman Harley Rouda (D-Emerald Bay) won his House seat in the 2018 Election on the promise to be a moderate voice in the House. Indeed...

A Letter from Holocaust Survivor Piri Katz

As a Holocaust survivor who has been a proud American citizen since 1950, I take voting very seriously because I love the United States...

Governor Newsom Orders CA Bars and Wineries Closed… But Not HIS Winery

The reopening of California (and its economy) came to a screeching halt this week as Governor Gavin Newsom ordered a new round of restrictions...