Digital License Plates Legalized in California

The new technology can make transportation compliance easier, as well as offer security and customization.

Gov. Garvin Newsom signed into law AB 984 on Oct. 5, which will allow for California residents to use digital license plates on their vehicles.

The assembly bill, authored by California State Assemblywoman Lori Wilson (D) essentially permits the California DMV to authorise Reviver to issue digital licence plates.

The California-based company Reviver is currently the only company manufacturing the digital plates, known as RPlates.

The plates are available in two models: battery operated and hardwired. The battery operated are targeted to private vehicle owners with a 5-year battery life and costs $19.95 per month, whereas the hardwired version is only available for commercial businesses and requires installation with a cost of $24.95 per month.

The plates work like tablets allowing for border and color choices. It connects to the Reviver App giving owners security features like vehicular tracking in case of car theft, emergency Amber Alert messaging, and stickerless registration renewal without a trip to the DMV.

Other features are in the pipeline according to Reviver, including stolen car reporting, parking permit services, diagnostic and maintenance alerts, and tolling system integration to name a few.

Arizona and Michigan have joined California in legalizing the digital plates, and they are under consideration in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and Illinois, and are allowed for commercial vehicles only in the state of Texas.

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