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FEAR MONGERING: US Army Issues Fraud Alert Over Military Draft Hoax

FEAR MONGERING: US Army Issues Fraud Alert Over Military Draft Hoax

The United States Army has issued a “fraud alert” in response to liberal fear mongering tactics regarding the reinstating of a military draft in connection to the United States’ recent conflict with Iran.

The false stories had first appeared on a number of liberal news outlets in the days after President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike that successfully took out Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.  General Soleimani was infamous worldwide as the Iranian regime’s instigator of terrorist attacks and was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans.

The successful air strike killed the Iranian General whilst he was in Iraq orchestrating an attack on the United States Embassy there.  The decision to take this action also came on the heels of repeated provocations from Iran, including the killing of an American contractor last month.

In the days after the air strike, the Trump administration received praise from regional allies and former special forces for taking such a decisive blow against the man responsible for killing thousands of people over the years.  However, leading Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other liberal partisans took to the airwaves in an attempt to stoke fears and criticize Trump – even if it meant siding with a terrorist nation that had attacked American the week prior. [see full coverage HERE]

Seemingly synchronized with these statements was a shadowy, large-scale text campaign that sought to scare many Americans about the prospect of a draft and sway support away from the President.

Screenshots from the texts.

The texts take the tone of an official military communication and given how wide-spread their dissemination the political purpose seems abundantly clear.

The US Army is yet to ascertain who is responsible for these text messages but issued a lengthy statement, describing them as fraudulent.

“U.S. Army Recruiting Command has received multiple calls and emails about these fake text messages and wants to ensure Americans understand these texts are false and were not initiated by this command or the U.S. Army”

To read the full statement from the US Army, click HERE.

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