IMPEACHMENT BACKLASH: Latest Polls are Early Warning Signs for Freshman House Democrats

Trump's bump in the polls could spell trouble for Freshman House Democrats


In the final quarter of 2019, with the impeachment effort at full steam, President Trump has surprisingly risen in the polls – to every political pundits utter shock kontoauszüge herunterladen!

Poll averages courtesy of

1,064 days into his first term, President Trump is currently only 1.6% points behind President Obama in favorability at the same point in his Presidency and 3.4% points higher in disapproval cubase ai herunterladen.

As only the third President in history to be impeached by the House, conventional wisdom would suggest that President Trump would suffer in the polls, yet the opposite seems to be occurring german apk.

Backlash against House Democrats, particularly those in swing districts, may be on the trouble for House Democrats may just be getting started however.  A survey of the polling results shows Trump’s popularity growing by the day both before and after Pelosi called the impeachment vote Download videos and music from youtube for free.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had warned for months that the impeachment effort was risky and may cost them seats in the House.  This fear is perhaps what prompted multiple Democrats to vote against or abstain on the impeachment vote given its rising unpopularity amongst the electorate minecraft versionen herunterladen.

The final vote on impeachment failed to garner a single Republican vote and saw three Democrats vote no or abstain from the vote. This outcome is unfortunate for Pelosi politically as she made clear in March of this year what she considered a legitimate impeachment vote:

“I’m not for impeachment without bipartisan support.”
-Nancy Pelosi (March 2019)

For some vulnerable Democrats, the urge to placate the far left, liberal base proved too powerful to resist indesign.

Below is a list of Democrats from swing districts that voted for impeachment:

AZ-01 O’Halleran
CA-10 Harder
CA-21 Cox
CA-39 Cisneros
CA-45 Porter
CA-48 Rouda
IL-06 Casten
KS-03 Davids
MI-11 Stevens
MN-02 Craig
NH-01 Pappas
NJ-07 Malinowski
NV-03 Lee
TX-07 Fletcher
TX-23 Open
TX-32 Allred
VA-07 Spanberger
GA-06 McBath
IA-01 Finkenauer
IA-02 Open
IA-03 Axne
IL-14 Underwood
ME-02 Golden
MI-08 Slotkin
NJ-03 Kim
NM-02 Torres Small
NY-11 Rose
NY-19 Delgado
NY-22 Brindisi
OK-05 Horn
PA-08 Cartwright
SC-01 Cunningham
UT-04 McAdams
VA-02 Luria


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