Home Entrepreneurs Is California too “woke” for its first Black Governor?

Is California too “woke” for its first Black Governor?

Is California too “woke” for its first Black Governor?

Despite two-thirds of Californians supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, the left is doing everything they can to prevent the state from electing its first Black governor. 

Conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder is surging ahead in the polls against all other recall candidates, and is just about tied with current Governor Gavin Newsom.

One might assume that Newsom, who claims to be committed to racial justice, would not be solely attacking the leading Black candidate, but that is what he has consistently been doing for weeks now in both campaign speeches and commercials. In what is indicative of Newsom fearing losing his job, he does not even mention the 45 other Republicans and Democrats running to replace him – instead referring to the election as a power grab by Republicans. 

Just this week, a white leftist woman – who was literally wearing a full-face ape mask – rode up on a bicycle to where Elder and his campaign was walking down a street in Venice Beach, and while yelling racial slurs, threw an egg that just grazed over the top of Elder’s head, and seconds after the throw, hit a member of his security team in the face with her hand. 

The Newsom campaign has remained completely silent on the racist attack, while the Democrat party markets itself as the party of racial equity.

Talking about the incident, Elder encouraged people to imagine for just a second if he had been a Democrat candidate. 

“All I know is: if I were a liberal and somebody wearing a gorilla mask who was a White woman threw an egg at me, the left would be screaming about systemic racism,” he told Fox News. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Elder has been attacked over being a Black conservative since his campaign started in July. 

Just a few weeks ago, the Los Angeles Times ran a front page column calling him “The Black face of White supremacy,” due to Elder claiming for years that he refuses to adopt a victim mentality over the color of his skin. 

“His candidacy feels personal. Like an insult to Blackness,” the column wrote, essentially saying Black conservatives are denying their blackness. 

While this is one bad example, other negative press coverage of Elder has been ramping up for weeks now as the September 14 election nears and as he continues to remain popular in the polls.

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