Police Orchestrate Major Drug Bust in Orange County; DA Spitzer Announces Details

The Orange County DA Todd Spitzer announced the bust, which recovered over a thousand pounds of cocaine, methamphetamine, and fentanyl.

Police in Buena Park orchestrated one of the largest drug busts in Orange County, California in decades, according to the District Attorney Todd Spitzer.

In an announcement on April 6, Spitzer revealed that police had recovered 821 pounds of meth, nearly 190 pounds of cocaine, and over 20 pounds of fentanyl. The quantity of fentanyl recovered was enough to kill 4.7 million people, authorities said, with a lethal dose occurring after as little as two milligrams.

The bust occurred on March 17, when police pulled over a minivan in Buena Park. 36-year-old Edgar Alfonso Lamas and 53-year-old Carlos Raygozaparedes have been charged with multiple felonies, which come with enhancements based on the amounts of drugs involved. Both men have pled not guilty, and remain in prison, with bond set at $5 million each and their first court appearance scheduled for June 7. If convicted on all charges, they each face over 37 years in prison.

This is “largest drug bust in Orange County in 16 years,” according to the DA.

“Millions of unsuspecting people have the grim reaper looking over their shoulder and they have no idea how close they actually are to dying from taking a single pill,” Spitzer said. “Fentanyl is cheap, it’s easy to get and it is killing our children, our coworkers, and tens of thousands of innocent Americans who don’t have to die… We have to continue to do everything we can to combat this deadly drug epidemic and save lives.”

Fentanyl overdoses have risen precipitously in Orange County in recent years, increasing by 1,000% in the past half-decade.

Spitzer has made the fight against the fentanyl epidemic a cornerstone of his tenure as Orange County District Attorney. He has worked with county officials, including the Board of Supervisors and the Sheriff’s Department, to tackle the epidemic. Furthermore, last year Spitzer announced that he intended to permit prosecutors to enhance charges against drug dealers, allowing for them to be charged with murder if they sell fentanyl to someone who overdoses and dies.

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