FAILURE: Congressman Rouda Sends Profanity-Laced Tweet After Running on Bipartisanship

Rouda's campaign slogans claim bipartisanship, but his record tells another story


Congressman Harley Rouda (D-Emerald Bay) won his House seat in the 2018 Election on the promise to be a moderate voice in the House.

Indeed upon entering the House, Rouda defined success as reaching “across the aisle and do the work we need to do.  That is what I ran, common sense for common ground…”

The first term must have been rough for Rouda, as his campaign has taken straight to the gutter with a string of misleading and beyond the pale political advertisements attacking everyone from his opponent, Supervisor Michelle Steel, to former local officials now in retirement muss man teams herunterladen.

The latest example of Rouda’s pursuit for “common ground” came this week when negotiations on Coronavirus aid failed, resulting in the President going around Rouda and Congressional Democrats to send aid directly to people in need of economic assistance msvcr100.dll.

When criticized for refusing to find common ground and pass a bipartisan support package, Rouda tweeted his response saying simply: “How to politely tell someone to f*ck off” lange videos von youtube downloaden.

Rouda has declined to comment.

Judging by tone, the freshman Congressman will not be running on common ground anytime soon dowloaden herunterladen.


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