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Internet Meme Warriors Drag the Truth Out of the Mainstream Media with “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Campaign

Internet Meme Warriors Drag the Truth Out of the Mainstream Media with “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Campaign

If you do not know who Jeffrey Epstein is, then you’ve been living under a rock, or you get your news exclusively from MSNBC.  Epstein was a billionaire financier, close friend of Bill Clinton, and a convicted rapist and pedophile.  He had been arrested on sex-related charges previously, but was arrested a second time on July 6, 2019 on charges of sex trafficking minors.  But by August 10th, 2019 he was found dead in his jail cell from what the medical examiner quickly ruled was a suicide despite ample evidence otherwise.  Subsequent autopsy and investigations into his death would show that Epstein suffered numerous broken bones in his neck that indicate a violent strangulation and that the two guards tasked with protecting Epstein had slept through their checks and falsified records.

In the fallout, and for the few days that the mainstream media covered the death, countless famous and influential people the world over found themselves embroiled in the scandal.  Some, like former President Bill Clinton, found themselves in hot water due to a close and personal relationship with Epstein that went back years; while others like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, were forced to explain that their affiliation was merely happen stance and that they did not actually know him personally.

Given the damning connections between former President Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, an aggressive effort from liberal media outlets and Democrats to paint President Donald Trump as equally connected to Epstein sprang up overnight. Countless headlines tried in vain to connect the President, however when Epstein’s accusers testimony was released and other court documents came to light that attempt failed.  The court documents established that Trump had never engaged in any of Epstein’s perverse acts and that Trump had actually banned Epstein from his properties when he learned of the allegations against Epstein. [Read more: Trump Banned Epstein]

Epstein and Clinton pictured together.

So the Clintons found themselves in a bid for the White House and were left with damaging ties to Epstein that could not be hidden: Clinton had made frequent use of Epstein’s private jet to do official Clinton Foundation business, Epstein had been a major financial contributor to the Clintons and the two were photographed numerous times.

But in the throes of the 2016 Presidential Election, the dam holding back a flood of credible allegations against Epstein began cracking and now there is new, unimpeachable evidence of massive coverups in Democratic Party and in the mainstream media meant to protect Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. If the allegations against Epstein are true, that means that his underage sex trafficking ring potentially went on unabated for years, victimizing underage girls to the benefit of one well-connected politician that made being a woman a central theme of her campaign.

However, how we got to this moment of truth, is a fascinating case study on American culture today and the power of the internet. 

As is common in today’s mainstream media, bad news for liberal candidates has a short shelf life, but the conspiracy theory remained bubbling below the surface thanks to hundreds of memes, that offer a humorous take on this very dark episode. These memes began increasing with both reach and humor and reached an apex last month, thanks to Navy SEAL Mike Ritland.  Ritland was live, on the air discussing support for military dogs, when he unexpectedly and sarcastically closed his interview with “Epstein didn’t kill himself”.  Twitter user @kbq225 posted a phone-recorded video of the interview and posted it to twitter where it received over 12 million views in three days.

Simultaneous with a renewed public interest in this story thanks to the internet’s meme warriors, a bombshell video leaked yesterday of ABC News Anchor Amy Robach, caught on a hot mic, laying out the mainstream media coverup to protect Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign and other high-profile individuals.

ABC News, owned by Disney, is now in full spin, damage control and attack mode.  ABC News refuses to cover this bombshell story that has made global headlines but has put out a statement saying, in part: “We would never kill a story about Bill Clinton.”

The core defense from ABC News is that they did not suppress the story as Robach claims in her hot mic moment, but rather that the story did not meet their journalistic standards.  Despite Robach’s statements about how she was able to corroborate important details, ABC claims that they did not air the interview because they were unable to corroborate the information.

Fortunately, the allegations passed muster in a court of law – that has a much higher threshold of corroboration compared to what makes it on ABC News these days – and were so concrete that they landed Epstein in prison awaiting trial.  However, ABC News is sticking by their statement/excuse/spin.

ABC conducted an internal investigation and found that a former producer for their network, Ashley Bianco, that had left to go CBS News had been the one to originally save the clip of Robach’s hot mic moment.  ABC then contacted CBS and she was summarily fired from CBS due to her presumed guilt.  The producer went on Megyn Kelly at the end of last week and passionately proclaimed her innocence.

In fact, Project Veritas has publicly stated that Ashley Bianco was not the person that leaked the video to them.

Where do we go from here? We’ll never know how many young girls were victimized by Epstein’s sex trafficking.  We’ll never know just how deep the likes of Clinton and others were in Epstein’s defense.  What we do know, is that the internet’s meme warriors have performed a laudable public service keeping this story alive and we look forward to their continued contribution to truth in our political discourse.

For your viewing pleasure, we have assembled the best “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” memes that we could could find but please share your favorites in the comments!

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