Leadership is Silent while “Mini AOC” Receives Death Threats


Once again the left has proved to be completely incapable of even trying to pretend like they still have an iota of sanity left download audible listengame. The evidence comes from their recent attacks against 8-year old child-actress Ava Martinez.

This AOC look-a-like has made her claim to fame by impersonating AOC in short comical skits canon powershot bilder herunterladen. This great transgression of making light-hearted jokes has earned the young actress a wave of death threats, that became so serious her parents were forced to remove all “Mini AOC” accounts and content download ringtones for free.

It’s great to see that the left has absolutely no moral qualms with threatening the life of an 8-year old girl daily show video. What’s even sadder is the fact that no Republican Party Leadership has stood up to help this little girl.

This is a small girl who was simply putting up skits that she makes with her family onto the internet––a girl who has more guts than many established, adult, Republicans application program for free chip. And no one has reached out to stand up for her when she was willing to put herself out there.

It’s absolutely abhorrent that the left would wish for the death of an 8-year old, but it’s just pathetic that the Republican establishment would not stick up for and try to help its own zotero kostenlos herunterladen.

The Family has since started a GoFundMe account, as Ava would like to encourage everyone to donate to St skype für tablet herunterladen. Jude. At least she’s doing something.


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