Oops… 45% of Gil Cisneros’ 2020 Donations are From PACs Despite Taking a No PAC Money Pledge


Second quarter financials are being released this month for all candidates so it’s a busy season for evaluating where everyone is at and how things are shaking out for 2020 outlook for free for windows 7.

In the instance of Rep Gil Cisneros (D – Fullerton) in California District 39 an obvious campaign pledge has been blatantly broken run.

Take a closer look at the numbers and you can see $150,000 and change of Cisneros’ campaign contributions have come from PACs ls17 for free mac.

Politico has already highlighted Cisneros’ awkward promise to avoid taking money from Corporate PACs while at the very same time having lavish fundraisers thrown for him by corporate lobbyists from major corporations dicom viewer free.

Behind in the polls and roiled by scandals, will Rep herunterladen. Gil Cisneros write himself another $9 million dollar campaign contribution to keep up with his Republican challenger herunterladen?

Stay tuned…


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