President Biden Speaks To Californians About Inflation While Residents Experience Record Highs For Cost-of-Living

From October 12th through the 14th, Southern California residents driving to and from work may have passed by the presidential motorcade as President Joe Biden made appearances in both Los Angeles and Orange County.

On October 12th, President Joe Biden made a trip to California, beginning in Los Angeles and concluding in Orange County. Upon arriving for two-day trip, President Biden was greeted by Los Angeles Mayor hopeful Representative Karen Bass, California Senator Alex Padilla, and current Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at Los Angeles International Airport.

During his trip, he toured an L.A. Metro construction site, attended a fundraiser for Congressional Democrats, and prior to speaking in Orange County about inflation, the president made an impromptu stop for Mexican food at Tacos 1986.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told Americans that President Biden’s visit to Orange County was meant to bring attention to “his efforts to lower prescription drug costs, protect Medicare and strengthen Social Security, and to fight efforts by congressional Republicans to put Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block and reinstate giveaways to Big Pharma,” but Republicans were skeptical of his visit.

“President Biden visiting California means he knows what Republicans have known for months: Democrats are in trouble,” said Republican National Committee spokesperson Hallie Balch. “From sky-high gas prices to rising crime, California Democrats have hitched their wagons to the wrong agenda. Californians are tired of the Biden agenda and the many consequences it has brought to the Golden State.”

According to Irvine Valley College, the local community college where President Biden spoke on Friday, October 14th, he spoke to 150 people including Congresswoman Katie Porter.

One attendee caught a video of President Biden grabbing a young girl at Irvine Valley College by her shoulder and saying to her “no serious guys until you’re 30.”

The New York Post called President Biden out for having regularly gotten up close and personal throughout the years on the campaign trail with young women, noting times where he allegedly sniffed their hair or hugged them very tightly.

President Biden’s trip to California came at a time where the state has been experiencing the highest gas prices in the nation, a problem which his administration’s Inflation Reduction Act was intended to solve in addition to the increasing cost of living state-by-state and nationwide.

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