San Diego Supervisor Nathan Fletcher to Give COVID Relief Funds to Politically Connected Employees

The powerful county employee union members have not missed a paycheck since the pandemic began

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher with wife and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez

San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher has scheduled a vote for Tuesday, May 4th in which he and two of his colleagues hope to take $40,000,000 in COVID aide and give it directly to members of politically connected county employee unions videos from vimeo online.

The funds are part of a federal COVID aide package that Fletcher’s opponents say should be given to San Diegans hardest hit by COVID such as local businesses and homeless veterans, as opposed to county employees who have not missed a paycheck since the pandemic began Music app free iphone.

The county employees poised to receive this windfall payment form the membership of politically powerful county employee unions that are active participants in elections for county supervisor in San Diego county identity app herunterladen. For many county employees, union membership dues are taken out of their paycheck from the county and a portion of that is put towards political activities and.

It is for these reasons that many San Diego residents still struggling with the economic impact of COVID rightfully view Fletcher’s attempt to give $40,000,000 in COVID aide directly to the County employees as troublesome or at the very least self-serving Download playlists from youtube.

In addition to not missing a paycheck since COVID began, county employee have also enjoined uninterrupted benefits packages and many have had the opportunity to work from home with a guaranteed paycheck uni due world herunterladen.

While many are hopeful that the worst of COVID and the associated shutdown mitigation efforts are past us, the San Diego business community and their employees are still reeling from the devastating economic impact.

Since COVID began over 115 San Diego restaurants have closed, including long-time San Diego favorites like Crab Catcher, Searsucker, Donovan’s Steak & Chophouse, Whisk ‘n ladle, The Oceanaire Seafood Room, The Dubliner, Tiger! Tiger! Tavern in North Park, and Small Bar in University Heights.

While Supervisor Fletcher and county employees have continued to collect a taxpayer funded paycheck without pause or interruption, these businesses and their employees are just a partial list of those still struggling.



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