Alleged Rapist and Serial Abuser Makes his Mark on OC Politics as Rep. Harley Rouda’s Chief Instigator

The allegations are horrific but what has been caught on tape is shocking


Elections are never won alone and the process of choosing a campaign team is crucial to winning. Consider the influence a team holds in carrying a candidate’s name whatsapp herunterladen iphone 4. They must be trustworthy, integrous people capable of representing the candidate’s brand. One would never allow someone such as a reported wife beater or child abuser with repeat DUIs to represent them focus. That’s just absurd, right? Wrong.

These are exactly the sorts of disqualifications that freshman Rep. Harley Rouda could not have missed when he chose to hire Victor Valladares to perform the role of campaign tracker for his campaign pdf xchange viewer.

A campaign tracker is essentially a paid-stalker that trails a candidate hoping to capture a gaffe or other unflattering moment to be used later.  Given the importance of the role and how easy public information is to find online it comes as a shock that Harley Rouda would take such a foolhardy risk whatsapp android bilder automatisch herunterladen.

But with Mr. Valladares’ main responsibilities consisting of agitating, intimidating, following and recording the opponent’s every move, his background if not ignored may have instead been considered more of an asset than a liability by Rouda epson xp 342 treiber herunterladen.

A search of publicly accessible records, suspiciously (but predictably) not reported by any local media outlets, reveals Victor Valladares’ veritable hit parade of charges and convictions:

  • Repeat DUIs
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Failure to appear in Court
  • Child abuse and endangerment charges
  • Multiple accounts of domestic abuse

These domestic abuse accounts include: strangling his ex-wife to the point that neighbors had to restrain him until police arrived, pushing her down a flight of stairs breaking her back, and punching her teeth in with a coffee mug download minecraft burg.

The District Attorney of Orange County currently has charges pending in Superior Court against Mr. Valladares for child abuse and endangerment as well as domestic violence dragon's prophet kostenlos downloaden. There are also reports of not just physical abuse but sexual and mental cruelty.

Local political blogs continue to highlight an incident in which Mr herunterladen. Valladares reportedly drugged his ex-wife, raped and sodomized her, recording and displaying it to her for purposes of humiliation download ps4 faster 2018.

In May of 2016, whilst an intern for the OC Weekly, Mr. Valladares made headlines for his violent behavior at the Anaheim Convention Center, where he passed out flyers at a family event with children present of a pornographic cartoon depicting bestiality between Trump and a donkey etiketten herunterladen.

Despite Mr. Valladares’ overtly assaultive tendencies, Harley Rouda not only selected him for his team, but Valladares’ primary assignment included the obsessive pursuit of Rouda’s political opponent; County Supervisor Michelle Steel.

Unsurprisingly, Supervisor Steel has been forced to file numerous official complaints regarding this alleged predator for overstepping professional and personal space boundaries.

This raises the question: What exactly did Harley Rouda reason when he assigned someone who has consistently demonstrated an inability to recognize when behavior crosses the threshold of harassment to essentially stalk Michelle Steel?

According to Mr. Valladares public Facebook profile says he no longer works directly for Harley Rouda’s campaign. However, it appears that the Rouda campaign merely moved him off payroll, but are likely still benefiting from his services as the Democratic Party of Orange County’s Vice Chair.

So in a post #MeToo world, does Rep. Harley Rouda believe the accuser?


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