California’s Congresswoman Porter Backpedals Support for Israel

Despite originally stating her support for Israel, an ally of the United States, California Congresswoman Katie Porter has switched sides, later voting against helping the country defend itself multiple times. 

In 2020, Porter stated to Jewish Insider that she supported giving aid to the country in an effort to help fight off neighboring Palestine, who regularly fires off rockets at Israel due to an ongoing historical conflict. 

“The overarching purpose of aid to Israel is to help it become strong and secure, and to bring peace and stability to that region,” Porter told Jewish Insider. “Whenever there is a discussion about any action that might undermine that goal, I think it’s important for us to be pointing out that, you know, it’s called ‘security assistance,’ because the purpose is to help keep Israel safe and secure, and we think that this decision or that decision would be a move in the wrong direction and would destabilize the region and would expose Israel to greater risks.”

Since then, Porter has completely reversed her stance, voting against bi-partisan legislation that would strengthen Israel’s Iron Dome security system, which helps protect it from rocket attacks. 

The legislation came in 2021 after Israel had sustained more than 4,300 rockets launched into its airspace within a two week period, which prompted Israel to ask the U.S. for funding to help secure the Iron Dome. 

Additionally, Porter previously voted against a provision in a 2019 pension bill that would prevent an organization from engaging in investment activity that could undermine or hurt Israel. 

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