Candidate for Assembly, Diane Dixon, Highlights Curbing California’s Crime Rate As Top Priority

Reports say Dixon has an edge in the open primary for the coastal 72nd Assembly District.

Former Newport Beach mayor and current council member Diane Dixon coined a new phrase at a “Meet the Candidates” event for those running for seats in the Orange County 5th Supervisorial District and 72nd Assembly District. Dixon declared California needed to “make crime illegal again” while emphasizing that much of California’s issues stem from failed policies devised in Sacramento. 

Dixon claimed high gas prices and inflation were creating an affordability crisis for residents of California as well.

“The Democrats in Sacramento have refused to take any action to give the hardworking California taxpayers a break,” Dixon said. “That’s a problem.”

 Dixon claimed California is hurt by the fact it is a one-party super majority state, saying she will help steer the state away from “far left” policies.

 “We have to get off this far left progressive cliff that we’re falling off of that’s ruining California,” Dixon said. 

Dixon is battling for an open primary in the coastal 72nd Assembly District, a district that has no incumbent after redistricting and Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris opting to move to Costa Mesa and run in a more favorable district. 

 Voter registration in Assembly District 72 favors Republicans by six points, which gives GOP candidates Diane Dixon and Benjamin Yu, a businessman and appointed commissioner in Lake Forest, an edge at the start. The third candidate is Democrat Judie Mancuso of Laguna Beach. The primary date is June 7.

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