Democrats Offer Temporary Solution as GOP Blocks Spending Bill

As the GOP stonewalled a possible spending bill, Biden also signed a bill to avert a government shutdown in response to congress’ latest disagreement.


Congressional Democrats are running awry after Republicans blocked a $3.5 trillion spending bill that would also kick the debt ceiling into 2022, running the U.S download skype voor ipad for free. into further debt. 

Democrats have been searching for a way to avoid a debt default as well as an accompanying government shutdown download the land register extract. Given the Senate GOP’s block of the bill, Democrats are considering a method of raising the debt ceiling to get around Republicans and avoid a filibuster tidal herunterladen.

“We may have to use reconciliation. I think that would be a sad statement of Republican responsibility,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said incredimail 2.0 deutsch download kostenlos.

On September 30, President Biden signed a nine week stopgap funding bill to avert a government shutdown that would have started to take place October 1 minecraft windows 10 downloaden. While it funds the government for the moment, it fails to resolve the overall problem by simply pushing it down the line. The bill will keep funding levels for government departments and agencies flat until December 3. 

Republicans are standing strong on the matter, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying repeatedly that they will only vote for a funding bill without a suspension of the debt ceiling. 

“There is no chance Republicans will help lift Democrats’ credit limit so they can immediately steamroll through a socialist binge that will hurt families.”

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