Does Gov. Gavin Newsom have Presidential Aspirations?

The California Governor has become the loudest Democratic voice in the national cultural wars.


Incumbent Gavin Newsom emerged as winner of the California Governor’s race on Nov. 8, with much of his time spent raising money for Democrats campaigning in states such as Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia and Arkansas. His recent strides outside of his home state have many wondering if he is considering a run for president. 


Apart from the midterm election campaigning, Newsom also bought commercial time in Florida to deliver attack ads on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He’s rented 18 billboards in Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas to advertise California as an abortion destination He’s also called for a federal investigation into Florida and Texas moving illegal immigrants into Democrat-run states.


Back in his home state, Newsom recently passed a bill allowing for gun manufacturers to be sued by victims of gun violence, promoted Proposition 1, a measure which would amend the California constitution to guarantee the right to an abortion, and ordered state regulators to ban gas powered cars by 2035. 


Newsom has become the loudest Democrat voice in the national cultural wars and he’s not done yet. He’s working on remessaging the Democratic Party in anticipation of the 2024 elections.


All this has resulted in speculation that Newsom has presidential aspirations despite repeated denials from the governor of ambitions for the office. Political pundits note that the opportunity to create connections across the country and build loyalty can pay off. Name recognition is necessary to win the presidency, especially on the east coast. Newsom’s intrusions into other state’s politics works to get his name out there.

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