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GOP Opens Asian Pacific American Center in Orange County

GOP Opens Asian Pacific American Center in Orange County

The Republican National Committee announced the opening of the very first Asian Pacific American community center in the entire country, and chose Orange County because of its strong roots to the Asian-American community. The center, which is the very first of its kind, aims to earn votes from the Asian-American community by showing how the GOP is the “Grand Opportunity Party” for every American.

Asian-Americans have increasingly voted for Republicans in recent elections, including in Orange County, where two Asian-American women, Rep. Michelle Steel and Rep. Young Kim were elected to Congress.

In a statement to The Hill, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that the new Asian Pacific American center “demonstrates we are doubling down on our commitment to invest in the APA community long-term and shows we are serious about earning every vote. It’s one of many ways we’re putting Democrats on defense here in California and across America.”

The center’s opening was lauded by Orange County Congresswomen Michelle Steel and Young Kim, who were some of the first Asian-American women elected to Congress. “The work being done here will help spread our Party’s uplifting message and optimistic agenda to even more Americans in Southern California’s APA community,” Rep. Michelle Steele told The Hill. Rep. Young Kim praised the RNC, calling the GOP the “Grand Opportunity Party.”

Asian-Americans are playing a bigger role in national, state, and local politics than ever before, and the GOP has shown a strong commitment to maintaining and growing support from a variety of communities.

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