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GOP Politicians Come Together to Advance Diverse Candidates

GOP Politicians Come Together to Advance Diverse Candidates

Multiple prominent Republican politicians appeared in a video released recently in order to encourage female candidates and candidates of color to run for office in the upcoming midterm elections.

The video, which was posted by the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) on Twitter, included footage of a panel featuring Republican senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Tim Scott of South Carolina, along with representatives Young Kim, from California, and Ashley Hinson, from Iowa.

The RSLC is an organization that aims to help Republican candidates win legislative and judicial races on the state level. The video was released as part of their Right Leaders Network initiative, which is intended to elect “more women, as well as candidates from communities of color and diverse backgrounds.”

Although Hinson, Kim, Rubio, and Scott are all national politicians, all four have previously held political office at the state level. The four of them come from diverse backgrounds: Kim and Hinson are women, while Rubio is Latino and Scott is African-American. Kim is also Asian-American.

In the video, the four argued that their backgrounds give them a unique understanding of the problems ordinary Americans face and that expanding diverse representation in politics will help to make the system more responsive to the concerns of the public.

“We’re the ones raising kids, so we’re the ones who understand how much a gallon of milk costs,” said Representative Kim.

The RSLC aims to recruit similar candidates, who it says are “the women and men who shape our communities (and) who we need to shape our state capitals and beyond.”

On Twitter, Kim said that she is “proud to join forces” with Scott, Hinson, and Rubio “to recruit, train, and support strong and diverse Republican leaders.”

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