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Governor Newsom Orders CA Bars and Wineries Closed… But Not HIS Winery

Governor Newsom Orders CA Bars and Wineries Closed… But Not HIS Winery

The reopening of California (and its economy) came to a screeching halt this week as Governor Gavin Newsom ordered a new round of restrictions on public gatherings citing a spike in Covid cases.

Just in time for Independence Day weekend, Governor Newsom ordered the closing of indoor restaurants, bars and wineries in 19 California Counties.

The long holiday weekend had been a welcome opportunity for local economies across the state to begin business again, but will now have to close.

However, the Governor’s recent order, conveniently, does not apply to his own wineries as pointed out by award-winning actor James Woods:

The text of the interaction with a representative from the Governor’s string of wineries, restaurants and bars states plainly that they will remain open for the holiday weekend and are actually sold out on July 4th. 

Fortunate for the Governor’s pocket book, but not so fortunate for the hard hit restaurant, bar and wineries in some of California’s largest counties.

These latest restrictions come on the heels of a statewide mask order that was met with backlash from County Sheriffs in Orange, Riverside, Fresno and Sacramento Counties who defied the Governor and openly stated that they will not enforce the ban.

The California economy, in particular the hospitality industry where so many low to middle income workers are employed, has been particularly gutted by the virus not just due to forced closures but also further restrictions that mandate six feet of separation between tables making a recovery at half capacity a dubious task.

The latest polls shows that views on Covid are forming largely along partisan lines, with Democrats stressing the severity of the illness and accepting societal restrictions, versus Republicans who believe the illness is not as severe and that the virus has been used as a means to attack President Trump.

Republicans may be on to something here, as the Governor and in general the Democratic Party nationwide have been eager to suppress reports of a surge of Covid cases coming across the Southern border.  The New York Times published a startling article detailing the surge in cases overwhelming hospitals along the border.

From the article, which can be read in full HERE

“Our E.R. is used to receiving patients from Mexico for things like complications from bariatric surgery and plastic surgery, and alternative cancer care, but this pandemic has brought a whole different dynamic,” said Juan Tovar, physician operations executive at Scripps Mercy Hospital in Chula Vista, across the border from Tijuana, which has been hard hit by the pandemic.

“We’re seeing Covid patients arrive at our E.R. who are very ill, whose disease has progressed to an advanced stage because care wasn’t readily available in Baja California,” he said.

The border influx is likely the reason that Chula Vista has more cases per capita than San Diego, a city five times larger.

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