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New Data Shows High Amount of “Biden Remorse”

New Data Shows High Amount of “Biden Remorse”

Recently released data shows a high amount of “Biden Remorse” among voters heading into the 2022 midterm elections, with Republicans surging ahead in the polls on candidates and political issues.

This polling comes as Democrats usually maintain an edge in polling on the generic ballot, even in cycles that are less favorable to them. 

“It is not just that the Biden honeymoon is over. Voters are now having “Biden Remorse” due to Democrats’ incompetence,” a report writes. 

For Biden, his job approval rating in the poll was underwater with 51% disapproving vs. 45% approving – a flip from just months ago in July when he had 51% approval vs. 45% disapproval in the same category. 

Republicans are gaining Independent voters by 8 points, as well as with college-educated white voters by 3 points, even though they supported Biden in 2020. Hispanic voters are the only area where Republicans are tied with their Democratic counterparts, though Republicans are continuing to gain with them on top of last year’s improvements.

The polling showed that Republicans are leading Democrats by 3 points on the generic election ballot – 43 to 40 percent. The 85 districts were surveyed at the beginning of the Biden presidency in February, April, and March in another survey that had Democrats ahead of Republicans at 44 percent. 

According to the pollsters, the shift is mainly driven by Independents, with polling on Biden’s approval underwater at 39% approval to 54% disapproval. Additionally, 60% of those surveyed said that the government is doing more than it should, a stark difference from the 35% who thought it should be doing more.

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