New Polls: Latinos Continue to Say “No” to Democrat Party

Latino voters are not as enthused by the direction the Democrat is heading, and recent election data shows the growing divide.


Recent electoral results have shown an ill omen for Democrats, with evidence that their longtime hold over Latino voters is starting to crumble netflix auf macbook herunterladen.

However, polling from both the 2020 presidential election and the California gubernatorial recall election last month shows that this may not be the case any longer xbox fortnite. In the recall election, the state’s progressive base diminished and saw smaller numbers of Latino voters showing support for Newsom. 

In the 2020 election, conservative President Trump gained support among Latinos in states like Florida and Texas when compared to the 2016 election star wars the force unleashed herunterladen. Indeed, Trump also received a greater share of the Latino vote in 2016 than previous Republican Presidential campaign predecessors. 

The shift from progressivism was not limited entirely to just Cuban voters, with other nationalities under the Latino umbrella also moving rightward excel tabelen. Latinos, along with African American voters, have been a cornerstone of the Democrats’ electoral coalition for decades. 

What is causing the shift download deck sheet for free? There are a number of possible explanations, but one may be that the Democrats’ 2020 electoral strategy is out of step with the social and cultural values of some Latino voters musik youtube kostenlos legal downloaden. As a voting bloc, Latinos skew heavily Catholic, which could be driving a wedge between them and the Democratic Party on the issue of abortion.

In addition, many Latinos who voted for Trump in 2020 were motivated by economic concerns diet plan to download. According to one extensive set of surveys, “fears that Biden would shut down the economy to fight COVID” were one motivating factor, and many Latinos even reported favoring “restrictive immigration policies.”

This shift has many prominent Democratic political strategists worried about whether Latino support will continue to erode in 2022 and beyond download route google maps. If so, Democrats could find themselves in very dire straits indeed… while Republicans could reap a sizable electoral benefit.

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