Pelosi Gains Hundreds of Millions Over a Few Years in What Some Think to be Insider Trading

Her husband, Paul, seems to time the market right with every trade and has helped Pelosi top the list of one of the wealthiest members of Congress.


House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has gained hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years after a flurry of stock trades that have proven to be wildly successful every time. 

Despite making a current salary as Speaker in the low six figures, she has very quickly risen to be one of the wealthiest members of Congress – due to stock trades made by her husband, Paul Pelosi. 

The Pelosi’s have always been well off, with Paul opening up a real estate and venture capital firm and getting Nancy elected to Congress in 1997 through his connections amazon prime video filme auf laptopen. The pair currently own a Napa Valley home worth up to $25 million, a DC waterfront Condo worth over $2 million, and a red brick mansion in Pacific Heights, California. 

The Pelosi’s seem to gain the market exorbitantly with every trade yelo play app windows 10. These trades have led some to believe they point to possible insider trading with Nancy’s insider knowledge as Speaker of the House.

Recently, Pelosi’s trading activity had trended on social media lieder für imovie herunterladen. Some investors began recommending those hoping to see returns follow the Pelosi’s trading patterns as they have been successful almost every time. 

Successful investments have been made by the Pelosi’s ahead of company announcements on multiple occasions. A few examples of their successful investments occurred with companies like Tesla, Microsoft, and Alphabet earlier this year.

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