Polls Show Voters Favor Republicans on Issues, Disapprove of Biden

A January poll found strong support for Congressional Republicans on issues such as national security and the economy, as President Biden’s approval rating hits new lows.

The outlook for Congressional Democrats heading into the 2022 election remains grim, according to a poll released by Morning Consult and Politico in mid-January.

 The poll found that strong majorities of voters preferred Congressional Republicans over Democrats on their handling of several key issues. Among the registered voters surveyed, Republicans were trusted more to handle the economy (47% to 34%), jobs (45% to 35%), immigration (45% to 37%), national security (49% to 32%), and gun policy (45% to 36%).

In addition, the poll found that voters would be more likely to vote for a Republican candidate for Congress if the election were held today (42% to 41%). There was also broad disapproval of the job that President Biden is doing (56% to 41%), with more than 40% of polled voters strongly disapproving of Biden and only 16% strongly approving.

Other polls released in recent months show even worse ratings for the president. A new Harvard CAPS-Harris poll released amidst the unfolding Ukraine crisis shows Biden with a new low of 38% approval, while a Quinnipiac poll from January found Biden with a staggering low of 33%. In the latter poll, strong majorities of voters disapproved of Biden’s handling of several key issues, including the pandemic, the economy, and foreign policy.

All of this could serve as an ill omen for Democrats as they approach the 2022 midterms. Incumbent parties tend to lose ground in Congress during midterm elections, and 30 House Democrats have already announced their intentions to not run again this fall, compared with only 14 Republicans.

With such broad public disapproval of the president, coupled with public support for Republicans’ handling of numerous hot-button issues, it seems that, if current trends continue, Democrats could be on course to suffer significant midterm losses.

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