Rep. Steel Calls on 17 Corporations to Protest Chinese Atrocities Ahead of Olympic Games

The major corporate sponsors, Steel says, can use their power to expose crimes against humanity happening in China ahead of the 2022 Olympics.


Representative Michelle Steel, R-California, has sent a letter to 17 large U.S herunterladen. companies sponsoring the 2022 Beijing Olympics, asking them to use their advertising budgets and platforms to expose the atrocities perpetrated by the ruling Chinese Communist Party. 

The recent exposure of the People’s Republic of China committing genocide against the Uighur minority has caused many politicians like Steel, and even athletes, to become vocal about the human rights abuse. 

Steel’s letter called out major companies sponsoring the Beijing Olympics, including Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Intel, Panasonic, Visa, Comcast, Salesforce, Nike, and Toyota app store herunterladen pc. Steel points to how many companies listed participated actively in speaking out during political and social unrest in the United States. She urges the companies to “do the right thing” and support human rights globally. 

“The list of human rights abuses by the CCP is as horrific as it is long,” she said free songs download online. “These corporate sponsors have an opportunity to use their multimillion-dollar advertising budgets to shine a light on these horrific practices games for free. I urge them to do the right thing.”

As Steel concluded her letter, “We must all come together to hold the CCP accountable and protect the freedoms of religion and speech for all.”

President Biden ordered a “diplomatic boycott” of the Beijing Olympics next February. The absence of a few officials has been dubbed “symbolic” by the press with little impact on the situation. 

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