Rep. Steel Celebrates Korean American Day, Promises to Inspire Korean Americans

Rep. Michelle Steel, one of the first Republican Korean women to serve in Congress, recently remarked on the significance of Korean American Day.


Republican Rep. Michelle Steel took the stand in Congress to address Korean American Day. She wanted to bring recognition to a day that she says is special and significant to her far cry 1 kostenlos herunterladen.

“January 13 is Korean American Day,” said Steel herunterladen. “A day to recognize the countless contributions of Korean Americans and celebrate the arrival of the first Korean immigrants to the United States in 1903.”

 Another Rep Download powerpoint for free windows 10. from California, Rep. Young Kim, is also one of the first two Republican Korean women to ever serve in Congress. 

“This day is very special to me,” said Steel picture it kostenlos downloaden chip. “I was just 19 years old when I came to America and I achieved what I never thought was possible to serve this country as a member of Congress. So many Korean Americans like me came to this country with the hope of achieving their own American dream.”

Both Steel and Kim testified before Congress for the first time regarding anti-Asian discrimination herunterladen. The testimony occurred in the aftermath of mass shootings of Asian-Americans in Atlanta in March.

 “Combating hate is not a partisan issue download photocollage. We can all agree that violence against any community should never be tolerated,” Steel said.

Steel concluded her remarks by promising to continue to fight for the “next generation” of Korean Americans disney schrift kostenlos.

“We must work together to inspire and support the next generation of Korean American leaders,” said Steel elster income tax return 2017. “Today, we celebrate the vibrant community of Korean Americans in the United States and all that they have worked to achieve.”

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