Rep. Steel’s Bill Funds Sand for Southern California Beaches

President Biden signed the California Congresswoman’s legislation into law.

California’s glory is its beaches. Helping protect them is the duty of every California politician, especially those holding office in a city lining the prestigious coastline.

One Southern California Representative made waves recently with her beach-focused legislation. Congresswoman Michelle Steel (R-48th District) pushed into law the Surfside-Sunset and Newport Beach Replenishment Project. It provides $15.5 million to replace 1 million cubic yards of sand. 

The bipartisan support for the funding gained passage in Congress, and President Biden recently signed it into law as part of a larger spending bill.

Local mayors were appreciative of Rep. Steel’s successful efforts. Mayor Barbara Delgleize of Huntington Beach – Surf City – said, “I am delighted that, as a result of Congresswoman Steel’s sponsorship and project advocacy, Federal legislation now commits the federal government to fund two-thirds of the cost of sand replenishment on our local beaches.”

Added Newport Beach Mayor Kevin Muldoon, “This is an extremely important project for our community, the environment and all those who enjoy Newport Beach’s waterways and coastline.”

Steel’s bill secures the beaches for everyone from local surfers to families of tourists strolling the beach to watch a sunset.

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