San Diego County Transit Shelters at Capacity After Influx Of Immigrants, Asylum Seekers Dropped off Without Notice

“We’re at capacity and it’s just terrible for these people,” County Supervisor Jim Desmond said.

San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond is concerned by the recent increase in the number of immigrants being dropped off in San Diego County.

“We’ve already got a strong homeless problem already and then to just have hundreds more dumped onto the system,” Desmond stated.

San Diego County assigns 600 beds to asylum seekers awaiting a court date, but just last month, Border Patrol dropped off 650 asylum seekers within a three day period – putting further strain on the county’s resources.

Over the holiday period, hundreds of immigrants from the Southern border were dropped off in San Diego with little to no resources from the federal government, causing county leaders to scramble to find provisions and shoot off letters to the state’s governor and the president’s office for assistance.

Supervisor Desmond stated, “What resources are they giving them? Are they giving them money, hotel vouchers? They’re not. They’re not giving them anything. This is the Border Patrol, they basically go from Border Patrol hands to the streets.”

San Diego’s transit centers, which were already at capacity, have seen a great increase in immigrant numbers being dropped off without notice.

‘It’s hypocritical for the Biden administration to criticize [Texas Gov. Greg Abbott] and [Florida Gov. Ron Desantis] for taking people to sanctuary cities throughout the country, while the Federal Government is just dropping people off in San Diego,” Desmond said in a tweet.

In a statement, the Border Patrol assured, “CBP works diligently to ensure that releases are conducted in a safe manner and that all noncitizens released from custody are provided essential support upon release and may access transportation to continue to their destinations.”

“We’re at capacity and it’s just terrible for these people,” Desmond said. “I feel sorry for them actually. They’re seeking asylum and they just get dumped on the street here and ‘see you later good luck you’re on your own.’”

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