Senator Romney Refuses To Endorse Fellow Republican, Draws Criticism

Romney suggested he would not endorse Republican Sen. Mike Lee’s bid for office.

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney told Politico not to expect an endorsement in the Utah Republican primary race.

Republican Sen. Mike Lee is vying for his third term in Washington D.C. this year. However, Lee is facing six Republicans challenging him for the nomination. Along with that, former presidential candidate Evan McMullin thrust himself into the race as an independent. Prominent Democrats are focused on uniting behind McMullin, assuming he will face Lee.

If this race between Lee and McMullin were to happen, Romney admitted he would not endorse Lee, because he considers both men a friend. 

Romney has faced criticism for his stance, as Republicans are arguing that the party should be uniting in taking back the Senate majority in 2022. McMullin has not openly stated which party would caucus if he wins the seat. McMullin has been endorsed by the Democratic mayor of Salt Lake County and other prominent Democratic leaders in the state.

Despite Romney’s refusal to endorse him, Lee holds a significant fundraising lead over McMullin and his other Republican primary challengers. Polling also shows that Lee remains the favorite in the race. OH Predictive Insights showed that Republican voters offered Lee 51% of the vote in a hypothetical matchup.

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