Senator Scott Announces Endorsement of California Congresswomen Kim and Steel

The Republican senator has endorsed candidates in several competitive House races, including two prominent Korean-American women from Southern California.


Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) endorsed nine candidates for the House of Representatives in the upcoming 2022 midterm election, among them two California representatives microsoft security essentials 64 bit kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

Young Kim (CA-39) and Michelle Steel (CA-48) are two of the first Korean-American female representatives in history final fantasy 12 pc kostenlosen. Both won their districts in 2020 against incumbent Democrats, becoming among the first California Republicans in decades to do so.

Orange County, California Congresswomen Young Kim (left) and Michelle Steel (right)

Kim and Steel both received Scott’s endorsement, along with a third California politician, David Valadao (CA-21), whose district encompasses much of the Central Valley region herunterladen. Like Kim and Steel, Valadao unseated an incumbent Democrat in 2020. All three are considered to be in highly competitive races in 2022.

Scott wrote that the nine candidates have “lived their version of the American Dream” and that their victory in 2022 is “crucial to ensuring that dream remains possible for every American.” He has also promised them financial support from his formidable campaign war chest, which currently stands at almost $19 million vpn hhu.

Representative Steel thanked Scott, saying that she was proud of the endorsement and that “Senator Scott knows just as well as I do how vital it is that we defend our freedoms and uphold the American Dream.”

Scott, who is the only African-American Republican in the Senate, has been in office since 2013 Downloading iphone photos is not possible. He is up for reelection in 2022 as well, although he is expected to win. The senator has developed a significant national profile for himself; last month, in Utah, he lambasted Republican failures at marketing their brand to the general public herunterladen.

As a result, Scott’s name has been put forward as a potential 2024 contender for the Republican presidential nomination catan for free. Scott has refused to say whether he plans to run in 2024. 

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