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White House Marred with Distrust Between Biden & Harris

White House Marred with Distrust Between Biden & Harris

A report from CNN reveals that Vice President Kamala Harris feels as though President Joe Biden is leaving her hung out to dry, not adequately preparing her, and sidelining her with menial tasks. White House insiders tell CNN that Biden is becoming frustrated with Harris’ faltering poll numbers.

Meanwhile, Harris’ team members are annoyed that Biden is delegating “no-win” situations to her, such as the situation at the Southern border. Her staff points to Biden defending “white man” Pete Buttigieg, the nation’s transportation secretary, with more energy.

 However, Biden’s team members believe the majority of Harris’s issues are self-inflicted. They point to her laughter when asked by NBC’s Lester Holt about visiting the border. Biden’s staff thinks this blunder, along with others, has caused the president’s poll numbers to fall, leaving them angry and frustrated.

Harris’ staff claims Biden has set her up to fail.

“‘They’re consistently sending her out there on losing issues in the wrong situations for her skill set,” a former high-level Harris aide told CNN.

 The vice president’s staff believes Harris should have been more forceful in asking for more “well-defined assignments” from Biden. However, they say she was nervous this would have made her look disloyal in his eyes.

 Then emerges the question of what Biden will decide to do come 2024. He has publicly claimed that he will run for a second term. He will be 80 years old at that time. 

 CNN asserts there has been talk inside Democratic circles that Biden could choose to step aside. Typically, the sitting vice president would slide into the role of president. However, CNN says top Democrats believe Harris could be vulnerable due to her low polling numbers.

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